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Why SEO is essential even for Offline Business in 2018

Branding / 14-12-2017

The ongoing 2017 is almost at its end, and this is where we being proactive deciders need to lay focus on how and what to do in 2018 to keep our business up and running even when we aren’t dealing in online sales. So, what is that we should concentrate on. Hmm... Snapchat marketing? Or, YouTube marketing maybe? Celebrity endorsements, oh gawd this is so much, lets just stick to Facebook advertising, or should we? The answer to all those may e yes, but in 2018 it plainly is ‘No’. Yes, you read that right. We will only be focusing on a simple formula that has been ongoing since the year 2009 and its not only existing, its going stronger than ever.

If it’s a thing of the past and has been there, why has it gained so much importance to be done throughout 2018? Here’s our take on the topic:

Very essential for your marketing mix

SEO is one of the most basic and necessary things to do for businesses offline or online that have a website (which makes it for all businesses). Not only SEO, but your complete marketing mix needs to be focused to derive sales and revenues, but SEO is a starting point that can get you going.

Nurtures your business to a brand

A brand is a business that marketed itself well. The biggest brands didn’t just pop-out of nowhere, each started with a message that became synonymous with their names. Like “searching on the internet” is now what we refer to when we say ‘Google’ it.

So, when you opt for SEO marketing and rank your brand on the top on a search term your brand becomes the first thing that pops into the customer’s name when they think of the term.

Its like making an investment

Being able to learn the gimmicks of true SEO you will be able to learn and implement ways to rank high above the competition and bigger brands of your industry. Brands who have spent large sums of money in order to rank high let’s say through PPC, and you can go beyond them. That learning is your investment.

You’ve got great content

Gone are the days when SEO was only concerned with search engine algorithms. Now true SEO means you have great content on your site which will get you ranked higher. So, if you are ranking her the competition, it means you have great content.

It drives sales – even if you are offline

Great SEO ranking means you rank higher then others. Which will eventually mean that customers will find you whenever they look up your business name or a keyword that applies to your brand. So, even if you are an offline business, the customer can find you and look up your contact details, location and get in touch to place their orders. That’s the ultimate power of SEO for offline brands.

This is the right time

As 2018 begins, it is the right time to plan ahead of the competition and plan your SEO strategy even if you are an offline business.



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