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What type of Logo would go for your brand?

Logo Designing / 31-01-2018

Starting a new business can be tiresome, from planning things to actually starting operations and going into business. Choosing what type of logo gets made is actually one of the first questions you should ask yourself, and if you haven’t done so, now is the time to do it. Deciding the type of logo will in part decide on the success of the logo and also decide of it will be anything creative. Below is a list of five logo types that you can choose from and decide to opt for your brand logo:

Wordmark Logo

Logos that consist of a word or a name of the brand in alphabets are called wordmark logos. For example, such logos can be those of Google, Pinterest, Disney and FedEx to name a few. In order to keep a wordmark logo, it should be a point considered that your word mark is a distinct word, a name that doesn’t exist in the real world. And one thing about creative wordmark logo is that these should be kept short, longer words do not create that affect in a logo and let’s put it clearly, they aren’t as memorable as well. Select woerdmark logo if your brand falls in the categories listed above, let the logo design agency or logo designer choose the right fonts that will make your brand name stand out and shine.

Lettermark Logo

Lettermark, as the name suggests are only concerned with a single letter. However, they more than often will only do with the initial of a word (which is your brand name to be specific). Perfect examples for these could be 3M, CNN or BBC. Lettermark logos are great for brand or business name that aren’t really easy to pronounce and remember. Furthermore, taking the letters out from the initials make them easily recognizable and creates an easy to remember phrase that can resonate with the audience.

Since the logo is going to be short and something that people may not always be able to pronounce or be quick to recognize. Use a font that grabs the attention of the customers.

Combination Logo

A combination logo will place an artwork with the name of the brand. These are quick to remember logos and create buzz with the audience since they look great and are easy to understand. Given that they are complex to look at, and require alignment and color combinations to make it look good, it is important that you choose a great logo maker for the job. Examples that fit here would be Burger king, Pizza Hut and Wendys.

Combination logos are a perfect type of logo for brands and businesses who want to start their businesses as unique symbols.

Abstract Logo

Presenting logo via abstract art with or without any text is an abstract logo type. Abstract logos are great ones since they require understanding of the concept and usually leave an intriguing affect on the viewer. As is the logical sense with the human mind, abstract logos form part of human memory and stay in the mind. Perfect examples include National Geographic channel, Toyota and British Petroleum.


Even though Abstract logos seen to be memorable but at times the audience may get confused as to what they mean in the first place. So the point to be noted in terms of the design is the understandability of the design. More than often abstract logos are found on brands for clothing stores since their product is readily available and the logo gets printed/pasted or embossed on the product itself. Most fit brands for abstract logos are smaller brands who do not wish to go for heavy budgeted marketing techniques, this way they have a turnaround way to reach more people through share of mind.

Character Logo

Logos that entail a character or a mascot as the main part of the logo are called Character Logos. The major part of the logo has to do with a character that symbolizes the brand persona. Major big brands that use character logos include Reddit, Mr. Clean and Kool Aid.

Character logos are a perfect match for brands that have to do with selling products directly to children, amusement arenas, or those that are centered towards a more family appeal. The color and style of the character logo has to be kept in mind always while designing and something that matches the brand itself completely. As soon as a character is finalized, the logo should be copyrighted immediately even before having it placed anywhere. Since, more than often characters become the talk of town quickly and can be picked up by other brands, competition and what not.

Final Word

Making the final verdict lies in your court, since only you as a business know where to lay focus and what to consider such as your target market, competitors, industry, brand position, positioning strategy etc.

Whatever your decision on the type of logo will have a very great impact on the success of your brand. Therefore, please make an informed decision on anything that you agree on. Do not leave any stone unturned. To be on the safe side, always consult a professional graphic design company or a logo design agency who will guide you through the complete design process and help you make the right decision.



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